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Bridal Makeup Contract Priscilla Chakmakian Ph: (516) 313?8539 Fx: (516) 366?5731 Priscilla Information Wedding Date: Bride 's Name: Bride 's Address: Groom 's Name: Bride 's Phone
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hey everybody so this has been one of the most requested videos we're going to talk about Bridal contracts today now right off the top obviously I'm not in any position to be giving legal advice and my first takeaway my first lesson when creating a bridal contract for you to use for your business please seek legal counsel or legal advice whether it is a template that you have paid for online whether it's something you have drafted yourself based on templates that maybe you found on Pinterest whatever it is please make sure that you take it to a lawyer legal requirements for this type of thing are going to differ from country to country city to city state to state so you have to make sure that whatever it is that you're using a lawyer reviews it before you send it to your clients so if you're going to ask me how much it is to have a where review a contract or write up a contract for you I don't know I had mine done so long ago I have no idea how much I paid initially so I can't really help you out with that but just so you guys know if you do save up and invest the money on seeking legal counsel for your contract it's something that you can pretty much use for the rest of your life but you have to do it once it's done right and you can use it over and over again I know the legal talk and the contract portion of the bridal makeup industry is a little bit overwhelming and a little bit scary and it definitely should be because it's a fairly serious matter but again great investment and your making sure that you protect yourself and your client when you have a contract so one of the reasons why I wanted to do this video is to give you guys some insight as to what is normally included in a bridal contract so you guys can better understand why you really need to have one for your bridal makeup business so I want to walk you through what is usually included in a bridal contract so you can kind of understand the significance of it and how important it is for your bridal business a lot of you have been asking me what to talk about during the trial with your brides and aside from just the makeup side of things and the look and their dress and the flowers you do want to talk logistics of the day so how many people require hair and makeup services the location where you will be getting ready you want to talk about their timing for the day so these are all important points that you're going to want to get down at the trial so when they want to book you you can put all this information into your contract and you can present that to them and they'll fly off and you'll be booked for the day so some of the essential information of course is your name and your clients name and then you're going to include the address where you will be getting the bridal party ready not necessarily the address of where the wedding's happening although that's important but you want the address of exactly where you are...